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I found myself getting lost reading about fifteen blogging articles in a row the other night, it started while looking for the latest submissions on BlogEngage which is a fantastic place for bloggers to submit and vote on each others articles.  It then went on for me to discover MarketGid which has titles only with unique pictures to draw your interest to high profile articles, I went to the technology section and found half a dozen articles of interest which lead to other articles and before you knew it I had spent a half an hour just reading blog articles.

I did leave a comment on every article I read and really enjoyed the stories, with all the reading material online it is amazing that print magazines and newspapers even exist anymore and once broadband Internet permeates 100% of the world and the world has a wireless internet access from every point then I imagine paper reading sources will start to vanish much faster than they already are.

So if you ever are bored and looking for something to read, check out the two mentioned sites above for a completely different experience, you can find some amazing stuff that isn’t on Google News or other sites I have searched.

-Justin Germino

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