Little Drummer Boy

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So last night after taking my son to drum lessons we drove to Queen Creek and bought him a five piece Ludwig drumset (slightly used) but in very good condition with Zildjian symbols. My five year old who has been taking drum lessons for about 4 weeks now is able to read quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes with ease and is working on his speed and timing while practicing on his snare drum.

He looks like a natural on the full drumset and is even more ambitious and excited about his drumming as he practices with the various Toms, and kick drum. It is so great seeing a budding artist in the making, he has such a natural ability to learn and seems to be very creative and have raw talent. I find this a little ironic that my father was a drummer and it appears my son has some talent in this area as well.

Does music ability reside in ones genes to some extent?

-Justin Germino

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