Life Left in Digg

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So I have started seeing some life in Digg lately, enough that it justified me adding a Digg button to my sharebar on to compliment my other social media buttons.  Out of the blue I have been getting like 20-30 new followers per week on Digg over the past few weeks and it seems like the system is still active.

We shall see if it adds any traffic and if it shows in my top 10 referral list which is still dominated by StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, BlogEngage and occasionally Tumblr.


In the meantime, I wonder how many other bloggers continue to keep Digg as one of their primary sharing sites?  Who still gets a bunch of traffic from Digg?

Have you seen any other new sites crop up that are worth adding?  I see the extra buttons for a few niche article sites, but my site is too broad and doesn’t really fit to add things like DesignFloat or some of the directories that have specific content only articles. 

One reason why I like BlogEngage is that any category of any blog can be eligible, and even personal blogs, food blogs, and blogs that run any number of random topics in their posts can find a home there.

-Justin Germino

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