Learn Guitar by Playing Games

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One thing I have been waiting for is for music based console games to allow you to use real instruments to learn and play along with the games.  Forget the Guitar Hero replica guitar with button frets I want a real guitar controller that plugs into the Playstation 3 and each real string, hum lets me play to a rock song in real time.

I think once the gaming consoles get advanced enough to where you literally can connect or they can listen to and understand real instruments and play along this will unlock a world of people who will learn to become musicians through play.

Xbox Kinect is one great example and has potential, it has microphones imagine if it was trained to understand guitar or flute pitches, notes…etc and you can literally play songs in real time with a real instrument and get feedback, improvement and have to get better for real to be better in the game?  Imagine the virtuoso’s that would come out of a Guitar Hero type of game where they have to shred a real guitar to rock along with tracks by Slash!


Rock Band first showed that drums were similar enough that timing and skill could become close, there are also real guitars by Fretlight that plugs into your PC via USB with LED lights that show chords so you can make sure you play along correctly which is a great teaching method for people learning on their own.

I am just waiting for music games to start using and recognizing real instruments.

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