Lately Just a Gamer Wannabe?

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It is funny that one of the highlights of my month is for my PC Gamer magazine to arrive in the mail so I can pour over all the reviews and information about the latest games.  I still do much of my reading on magazines the old fashioned way during the day.  Ironic considering I am online so much but sometimes I like a good old fashioned paper product between my fingers to hold my attention without distraction being a click away.

imageAnyway, I realize that I must say "I would really like to try that game" at least 5 times per day when in reality I maybe play games by myself 1 hour per week at most, sure I play about 5-8 hours per week if you count me playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean or Lego Batman with the kids but I am talking about my own gaming time alone with games that you don’t play with 4 and 8 year olds.

I realize that I am more of a former gamer who likes reading and wishing about games than actually playing them anymore.  The idea of gaming is more appealing than the gaming perhaps?  I actually find when I do have alone time I gravitate more toward writing blog articles than gaming even though I love gaming I have this strange habit of always wanting to write more content for my blogs when I know I should or could be gaming instead.

Ah well, maybe I am not really a gamer anymore but a gamer wannabe after all.

-Justin Germino

Portal 2 is a great example of a game that I wish I could find time to play and should.

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