Happy End of the World

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Happy End of the World day!

Obviously if you are reading this it isn’t the end of the world as it is already tomorrow in some countries.  The absurdity that the end of the world is supposed to be May 21st and people buy into this nonsense is almost hysterical.

Even if the world were going to have an “end” the most likely cause would be asteroid or some sort of extra-terrestrial impact or solar event powerful enough to disrupt or permanently damage the atmosphere.  There would be scientific information to backup some sort of proclamation or calamity that were going to befall.

Conspiracy cannot cover all the excuses that “scientists” are required to keep things hush and I think doomsayers are just as silly as cartoon characters really.

Do we really need a “judgment day” warning or threat to scare us into being better people or acting nicer to each other?  What people really need to do is wake up every morning and think about how to treat other with respect, care and be as open minded as possible toward life, culture and others.  If everyone had the same respect, care and consideration for others then we would be living in a much better world right now.  You don’t need religion to teach this, it should be common sense but seems to be lacking in vast quantities of the population.

-Justin Germino

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