Klout Social Network Analytics at a Glance

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One thing I like about Klout is the ability to give you quick metrics of your social media activity at a glance.  It does compile a great amount of information that you can use just to see how your social media communications are propagating across various networks.

The quick 90 day activity report from Klout shows me a summary which I can use to see where my social media strengths are.image

This shows the power of Google+ compared to Twitter considering I have just less than 2,000 followers on Google+ yet I have 1.1k comments, 380 reshares and 987 +1s, with about 1/5th the network size of my Twitter network.

This tells me that my followers are engaged more and more interactive on Google+ in some ways.  It should be interesting to see when Facebook statistics are added how they measure up.

Klout Score Jump


I had a temporary huge boost in Klout Score from my Kindle Fire Giveaway contest which caused a huge amount of retweets over the past few days, this jumped my Klout score more than 5 points in about 2 days and is an anomaly and will fade when the contest ends.  I am curious to know how high my Klout will get just as a result of the insane amount of retweets I have been getting from the contest however.

Overall I use Klout fairly regularly as a means to check the pulse on my Social Media, and there is certainly value in the analytics that you get at your fingertips.

-Justin Germino

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