Kicking off an Awesome Blog Contest

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I am excited that I will be kicking off my largest contest ever on really soon and am still in the phase where I am partnering with sponsors to help cover funding for contest prizes, shipping and promotion materials.

In three years of blogging, this was my first time asking my peers to see if they wanted to join up as sponsors and I was amazed and delighted at the reaction. Some really great bloggers like Ileane from Basic Podcasting Tips, Francisco from iBlogZone, John Paul Aguiar who just launched his Twitter Followers Direct program and Dave Doolin from Website in a Weekend were just some of the initial sponsors who signed up.

I want this to be a huge contest and am giving away Kindle Fire devices as the perfect holiday gift for my technology blog to host as a giveaway. I will be giving away more than 1 Kindle Fire if I can get enough sponsorship to purchase multiple devices.

My target is for at least 2-3 Kindle devices, but I am still looking for contest sponsors and accepting sponsors until November 25th. If you are interested, the following are the sponsorship packages:

Just go over to the contest sponsorship signup page now and help become part of this incredible contest.

-Justin Germino

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