Back to Arizona from Las Vegas

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Today I am travelling back to AZ after finishing the CA World 2011 conference and networking with peers in the IT industry.  I focused most of my time on security, authentication, identity related sessions rather than the cloud tracks only because it is of the most important to my direct position at my day job. 

It will be good to be back and see my kids, I haven’t seen them since Friday of last week.  Ironically I have to get out the Christmas decorations this weekend and start doing some decorating since we are going out of town for Thanksgiving weekend.

Meanwhile, I was able to get a fair amount of blogging in at night from my hotel room and early morning hours as well as keep up with all my social media communications.  I didn’t get to a twitter poetry game because I was tied up in sessions but hope to have one tomorrow on Friday.

-Justin Germino

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