JustinGermino.com Blog Statistics for February 2010

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One thing I have not done in the past eight months is show my traffic statistics for this blog which is my third blog and the one I use as more of my personal diary and musings than anything specific. This blog itself is starting to average almost eighty to one hundred visits per day and has outpaced my poetry blog in recent months.

This blog received just over 2300 visits in the past month and that was down about 8% as I stopped relying on Entrecard Marketplace, StumbleUpon and and other site submissions to drive up artificial bursts in traffic and visits.

For visits, most of my blogs have the majority of traffic coming from Google Search engines and I like this, though it means I don’t have an enormous amount of direct followers and my twitter referrals for this blog in particular are very low.

All in all, I am trying to build this site up so that I can qualify for better opportunities on SocialSpark and PayPerPost. The main thing that hurts this sites earnings right now is that I have a PageRank 0 and it takes at least a PageRank 2 or above to start getting some quality offers from many sites. Even though I have more traffic than many other blogs with a higher pagerank, Advertisers care more about the PR Juice you get from the link than the # of visits to the site it would seem.

-Justin Germino

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