Installing New Car Windshield Wipers from EZWipers

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Disclosure:  EZWipers was kind enough to send me a pair of windshield wipers for my 2008 Chevrolet Colorado truck for free so that I could talk about how easy it was to get wipers for my car model, as well as document my effort to replace the existing worn out windshield wipers.  This post is 100% my opinion alone.


I had never done car windshield wiper replacements myself before, so when the pair of Anco Wiper Blades arrived from EZWipers I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

My 2008 Chevy Colorado still had the default windshield wipers that came with it when I purchased it used back in 2010 and they were all beat up driving through monsoon storms (dust storms wreck havoc on windshield wipers).

I should point out that this was my first windshield wiper replacement that I have ever done manually.P1030896P1030889P1030890P1030891P1030892P1030893P1030894P1030895

The first blade I replaced was the passenger windshield wiper and it took about 2-3 minutes for me to figure out how to unhinge and take off the old wiper.  But then it took me about 6 minutes to figure out how to install the new Anco wiper I received from EZWipers.

Once I figured it all out, I was able to do the driver’s side window in less than 2 minutes however and the new wipers were tested and worked out very well.

My only feedback is if you make a mistake or try to put the wipers on wrong, the connector piece can snap off easily which requires you to re-attach it.  It isn’t a big deal but took me some practice since it was my first one and I felt like an idiot when I spent 6+ minutes trying to figure out how to snap it on properly and make sure the wiper was the right direction.

Overall it was very simple and you can simply get new windshield wipers and replace them yourself for a fraction of the price of taking them to a dealership or auto repair shop to do it for you.

  • All you need to do is go to
  • Type in your car model (it will likely fill in and show you the model and years)
  • Pick the wiper blades you want
  • Add to cart
  • Pay with credit card or paypal
  • Wait for them to show up
  • Install them.

I would have no problem recommending you get your next car windshield wipers from EZWipers and just replacing them yourself.

-Justin Germino

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