Fun Minecraft World Seed

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After weeks of randomizing seeds and experimenting with new Minecraft World seeds, we finally found one that kept our interest and attention for more than 3 days.


This world seed called Naturepeaked is really impressive and creates a wonderful Minecraft world full of variations and exploration opportunities.  It is a fun thing to input a manual seed and see what you come up with, the opportunities are endless for sure.

I still wish Minecraft would add updates more frequently, the lack of variations in monsters and lack of new crafting options, items, isn’t holding my adult interest nearly as well as my kids who can restart endlessly however.  Mods are fun, but many are still buggy and few mods support Minecraft 1.3.2.  I see less newer mods and many of the great older ones were never updated for 1.3.2 with the developers having long since abandoned them.

The great Adventurecraft mod for example has gone stagnant and had a ton of potential with the Zelda mod being based off of it and looking really fun but it too went stale.

-Justin Germino

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