Indulging in the Necromancer Class in Guild Wars 2

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Our levels were drifting apart quite a bit from solo questing in Guild Wars 2 so the kids and I decided to start up some new characters and try harder to keep them within only a few levels of each other instead of having 10-15 level gaps between us which makes it hard to quest together.

I created a short, thin human necromancer named Xenon Dracolich who comes from a tortured past but uses his power over life force and death to help others. 



So far I have been experimenting with a variety of weapons and the staff has a lot of area of effect attacks at unbelievable range (1200) so you can set minefields and then switch to dagger/horn or axe/focus when enemies walk through all your inscription marks getting injured along the way.

-Justin Germino

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