Fake Grass Transplant This Weekend

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Have to spend an enormous amount of time moving a huge section of Turf Tek grass from the yard of the old house to the new house which is made more difficult due to the hundreds of pounds of fine sand that was poured over the fake grass to weigh it on the ground.

I have about 100 nails left to unplug from the grass, then transport it over and dig, replant it on the new property but it should look fantastic when it is all said and done. The fake grass moves from our backyard now to our front yard in the new place and this should add some curb appeal.

I do like that after 6 years the turf tek is still in really good condition, requires no watering and is economical here in Arizona, however it does get blisteringly hot in the summer so you can’t really walk on it barefoot or touch it with your hands when it is over 110 degrees outside.  The dogs run over it as fast as possible and avoid unshaded parts during this time too, but in the fall, winter and spring it is decent to play on.

-Justin Germino

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