Inattentive Servers

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I was at a birthday party for a friend of my wife’s in Scottsdale last weekend and the place was pretty posh up in Kierland Commons, one of the negative aspects of the evening was the staff at the place. They were inattentive and just huddled around in groups instead of actively seeking out and taking orders for drinks. Several people were standing around for fifteen or more minutes waiting for a server or host to come by and take a drink order.

Poor, slow service is something that really drives me crazy when I am at a restaurant or bar. When waiters or servers are just standing around watching a party instead of taking order fulfillment, I can’t help but think they are just not being proactive enough about making sure people are getting drinks and being tended to.

It’s about customer service and in this economy and the hospitality industry you just can’t afford to have a lack of good high quality customer service and attentive staff members.

-Justin Germino

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