How Much Does It Cost To Have A Child?

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Reading in the news lately that births are down across the country due to the economy being poor and people choosing to put off or delay having children until they can face better economic prosperity. This seems like a good decision because according to calculator, if you have a newborn baby in 2009 you will pay at least an estimated $355,906 dollars over the next 18 years supporting your new child.

cost of kid
Thats right, if you have two children you are spending almost 2/3 of a million dollars over eighteen years to support those children, families of three or more kids sink over a million dollars over that length of time into child expenses. I have a childless friend who is very money focused and declares kids as “income reducers” and I see why when you add the numbers up.

That being said, those who choose to have children clearly have enough love and know that life is not all about money, and in the end of eighteen years, would you rather have a healthy and successful child or a few extra hundred thousand dollars?

-Justin Germino

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