If I Won a $10,000 Apple Gift Card from Crucial

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If I won a $10,000 Apple gift card from Crucial I would certainly use it to get top notch laptops for every member of my family (including my Mother in Law) these laptops would be probably all dual boot so that we could play various Windows games (unfortunately Mac OS still lacking in the latest game support).

So I entered the Crucial Memory Sweepstakes just to see if I was lucky enough to win, honestly I rarely ever win prizes from contests that are “random” or luck based.  But with an offer of a $10,000 Apple gift card just to complete a small survey and they would match it by donating a $10,000 Apple gift card in your name to TechSoup® Global I couldn’t pass up the chance to enter the survey.


For some reason I had forgotten that Micron and Crucial were the same company and this helped with some of the survey questions when finding answers.

As far as memory, crucial makes memory for every model of laptop or desktop that exists practically and you never can have too much memory.  The standard now is that you should have no less than 4GB of RAM if running 64bit Windows 7.  If you use Google Chrome or Firefox and have a lot of tabs open you can easily consume 1.5GB of RAM just from your various browser processes.  If you are a gamer, it is even more important to have a ton of RAM.  Diablo 3 for example is said to be a HUGE RAM hog and that you should have at least 12gb or more to help reduce lag from having the game read data from disk.

With 16GB of RAM being under $200 if your motherboard supports it and you are on a 64bit Operating System, there is no reason you shouldn’t max out your memory!

-Justin Germino

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