I Have To Buy A PlayStation 3

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Well its official, though I own a Wii and love my Nintendo Wii, after seeing the trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, I must eventually get a PS3 for when the game comes out. Fortunately it has no release date yet in the United States, which gives me time to save up some blog money. I have been a Final Fantasy fan since NES days, and loved Final Fantasy X, X-II and XII for the PlayStation 2. The only Final Fantasy version I didn’t get into was the FFXI online MMO game because I didn’t want to get into a monthly fee based game. Final Fantasy XIII will only be released for the PS3 and Xbox360, and since I wanted a Blu Ray player anyway, I probably will get a PS3. So check out this original trailer showing Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese, the animation sequences rival that of even the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Advent Children movies.

Updated: July 2, 2009 — 11:52 pm