I Feel Nauseated

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I learned that the meaning of “Nauseous” does not mean what I thought it did. I thought one would say “I feel nauseous” meaning that you feel like you have to puke or vomit, however by definition the word “Nauseous” means “to cause nausea or sickening” so to say “I feel nauseous” would mean I feel I am making other people sick. When you want to say I feel like puking, the appropriate term is “I feel nauseated” which is to have the feeling of nausea.

Ironically, being queasy in my stomach and about to declare how I was feeling made me research nausea and discover the terms surrounding it. So my English skills have improved as a result of my researching my nauseated feeling, even when sick I am constantly learning something new.

-Justin Germino

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