Hurry Up and Draw Something

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Was having fun playing Draw Something last weekend, but I noticed something rather annoying.  You can wind up waiting for a long period of time for some people to respond and in doing so can end up with many games going at the same time with them all wanting your turn at the same time.


What’s worse, when you are desperate and do a random match, sometimes you get someone who just doesn’t really try at the game and just writes the words in letters you are supposed to guess.  You can’t "cancel" or terminate a game with someone after it has started, so you are left just ignoring someone you don’t want to play with anymore.

Overall though it was fun to play with some of my Facebook friends, and my wife and I play together.  It is an iPad / iPhone app version of Pictionary between two people though the words are a little repetitive even in the paid version, and it takes a whole lot of coins to unlock more palette colors and bombs. 


My 8 year old even takes over for some of my turns drawing the pictures for me and is pretty good at it.

-Justin Germino

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