Easter Weekend that Went Fast

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It was the Easter weekend that the family just did not want to end, we knew we had to get back to work/school on Monday morning after spending 3 days in Encinitas, CA. However when Sunday rolled around we all just dreaded going back and starting another work week, low and behold the family made a rather rare and impromptu decision to cut it as close as possible.

We stayed another night, and decided to drive back to AZ at 3am instead, to maximize every last minute spent in CA. Of course this mean’t slightly adjusting a few schedules, but this family time is a memory worth more than the conundrum of another day.

Seaport village brunch at Busters was delicious and the kids enjoyed having their first Pu Pu Platter at Chin’s Chinese Restaurant for dinner later that night. They enjoyed playing with the neighbor kid who moved in a few months ago and is nearly the same age as my oldest.

Friends, family and a whole lot of good food and relaxing time, this was the perfect weekend and the next won’t be until after Schools out.

-Justin Germino

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