Humanity Headed for Cyborgism?

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With nanotechnology reaching new capabilities constantly and humanity’s ability to literally start architecting electronics at the atomic level one can only wonder at what point to we start to augment our species to become something greater than an organic being?  Science Fiction writers foresaw worlds where engineered nano-bots could provide humans with superior strength, augment our memories or improve storage in our minds by instilling hard drives directly hardwired into our brains (thanks Johnny Mnemonic).

For medical purposes computerized nano-cells will be smart enough to traverse your blood stream and eliminate cancer cells, soon this will translate into nano cells that can zap and remove body fat or even reverse telomere damage in other cells?  Imagine having a host of nano bots that flow with your normal blood, do not expire and can target destroy imperfections, repair vascular damage, clear arteries and so much more before you ever start to show symptoms of illness.

I do not believe it is impossible for humanity to greatly extend lifespan into where over a hundred years is the normal for those who have the finances to procur this future techno-medicine.  We will in essence become a cyborgism, cybernetic organisms which are capable of more than what nature and biology could accomplish on it’s own. 

I think this is an inevitability in maybe generations that start 40 or 50 years from now, but not something we will see in our generation or at least not until the very end of our generation.  Overpopulation and resource limitations will be the limiting factor for humanity to achieve extended lifespans.  There needs to be sustainable endless energy and food sources and as many scientists have pointed out, humans need to colonize other plants if we have any chance of surviving as a species in the event Earth itself suffers an unrecoverable catastrophe.

The question is, where do you want society to be?  Is this a direction you want humans to go?  I am all for curing diseases and every person having the right to a full and healthy life, but what about the suffering in countries not as cushy as the modern societies?  Humanity needs to be treated as a whole and until the world is on the same page we should only look to improve the lives of the people suffering the most instead of extending the capabilities of the wealthy who could afford it.  Though wealth currently doesn’t always buy the best health, with all the money Steve Jobs had he was unable to buy a cure for his pancreatic cancer.  This will however change in the future, we are on the borderline where cures for virtually anything can be programmed into nano-bots and once this technology is created and perfect it means that wealth will be able to buy extended lifespans beyond anything previously imaginable unless an accident should occur.

If you could, would you purchase a guaranteed 100+ years of life with some nano-cell implants that could prevent disease, obesity, improve health, strength?  The question is what would you do for 100 years, can you work enough to make a living that long, can you provide for a family that long, can you put enough away so you don’t work yourself until you are 100?  We know people work day after day 1 or 2 jobs for a few decades hoping to retire, but what if there was no retirement and you worked for a full century just to make ends meet?

-Justin Germino

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