How to Overcome Writers Block: A Guide For Serious Writers

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The majority of writers will experience some level of writers block during their career. Causes of this problem can develop through anxiety, fear, personal problems or life changes, all of which can block your creative juices leading to frustration and even depression.

Thankfully, there are some practical answers within this article that will help writers take that important step of once again unlocking their ability to write without hindrance.


1. Set-up Your Writing Schedule

Prioritize your schedule to carve out a set time allocated to writing. Regardless of if you are dealing with writers block or not, show up on time! Before long what tends to happen is that your mind starts showing up too.


2. Don’t Beat yourself up

Being too hard on yourself will only impact further on what you’re dealing with. People tend to get writers block not because they don’t have the ability to write well, but because they are fearful of not writing eloquently. A writer can not write well if they are harboring self criticism.


3. Try to Make Writing Part of Your Job, and Less of an Art

The metaphor of a tool box should be used by writers linking it to their physical work. Try and imagine yourself as a craftsman or laborer, intelligently piecing together the project you are working on. Think of it logically, a brick layer for example, lays each brick one at a time much the same as you are building a page word by word. So it’s really one in the same, we are all creating things – articles, poems, press releases etc. The difference being that as writers, we are using grammar and vocabulary rather than bricks or other building materials.

4. Take a Few Days off From Time to Time

When you realize you are dealing with writers block it could be a warning that your creativeness and ideas need some additional time to gestate. Rejuvenating and idleness are a key factor in the process of creativity.

5. Meet your Deadlines

Writers often have difficulty meeting deadlines. Working with other writers by connecting through relevant platforms or forums is an excellent way to encourage each other and to seek inspiration from other talented writers. You can also attend writing groups as a means of maintaining motivation for sticking to deadlines.

6. Work on Several Projects

Switching back and forth between projects minimizes the boredom factor. This strategy is said to be one of the most effective methods of preventing writers block.
The above outlines some common ways to avert writers block. And remember, try and keep in the back of your mind why you started writing in the first place. Are you sticking to or specializing in what you love and what gives you satisfaction? Always continue to touch base with what made you fall in love with writing in the first place.

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