3 Ways Technology Can Make Your Home Safer

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Security has been forever epitomized by the Mission Impossible scene in which Tom Cruise dangled from the ceiling to rob a secure vault. The movie may have exaggerated the technology and the manner in which it was circumvented, but the reality is that similar systems are available on the market. What more, they are not as expensive as one might presume, and can be installed in your home to make it safer.

Home security is not just limited to protecting your valuables or preventing monetary loss. Newer systems are integrating fire alarms and storm warnings into their mechanisms as well. As a result, what you have is not just an anti-theft mechanism, it’s a complete home security package.

While you may not be able to purchase something as sophisticated as something you see in the movies, homes rarely require such a high level of protection. Here is a list of the top three technologies that have been adapted to the domestic market, and that you may find useful for your needs. Most of them will need to be a part of a home alarm system for optimum performance.

1. Motion Detection

Motion detection sensors can detect when there is movement in a room, and take any preset action that you have programmed into the system. Suppose you are not at home, and there is a break in. If the alarm did not go off when the barrier was breached, the motion detector will pick up the criminal prowling around your home. They are installed as a sensor in the corner of the ceiling. You can adjust them to compensate them for pets, by adjusting them to monitor an area that is a few feet above the floor.

2. Video Cameras

Video camera are often used in CCTV security systems, and used to be quite costly to install. Technology has made it possible to manufacture these in small and weatherproof materials, so that you can install them outdoors. Coupled with motion detectors, they can often be very effective if placed in the right positions. You can have them record the video in case they detect movement, or send a notification to you.

3. Integrated Alarm Systems

You no longer need to purchase separate systems for every need. For example, your fire alarms system, home security system, and health monitoring system for senior or people with heart conditions no longer need to be separate. As many home alarm systems are linked to a monitoring facility, you can integrate all functions into one system. A fire alarm and health monitor can be added, so that the relevant event will also trigger a notification. This means that you are safe from not only burglars, but also from other hazards as well.

Home security systems are much more advanced than they were a decade ago, and you can chose from a combination of the above to ensure your home is safe.

About the Author

Francis Hauser is a North Dakota security consultant, who strives to make homes safer for the families who live in them. She believes that a healthy home requires peace of mind, and writes extensively to promote awareness about home security. She also blogs for Lifeshield home security New Rockforcd.

Updated: June 6, 2012 — 2:47 pm