How To Fix Timber Doors

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Timber doors are some of the most aesthetically pleasing doors you can have in your home. It is for this reason that a lot of people would rather repair their timber doors than replace them. In this article, we will help you understand the basics when it comes to fixing your timber doors. Since the humidity or heat can adversely affect the wood, there can often be a few problems with a sticking timber door.

How to fix loose screws

If the screws are loose on the timber door (therefore causing it to stick), then there is a method to check if the screws are the culprit. Open the door to about 100mm. Pull and push the door, using your arms, towards the door hinges. If there is any movement on the hinges, then the screws are loose. The usual way to tell if there is a problem is to see  if the paint is cracked. You should fix and tighten the screws to help fix the door. If this becomes an on going problem then you might need to replace the hinges.

How to reverse a swollen door

A swelling door is often found when there is a lot of humidity and heat. This is one of the reasons that moisture is being exposed to the timber. If there are any unpainted parts or joints, then the moisture can seep through into those. You will need to take off a small area of the affected swollen area. If there are any bare parts on the door, then they need to be primed and then painted. Since you will need to remove the door, to actually work on it, also check that the hinges are working properly.

How to fix paint build up

If your door is sticking because of paint build up, you normally have to remove the door to fix it. Work out how big the build up of the paint is and how extensive the area of contact is between the door and the jamb. If the area is small you just need to use a screwdriver and some sanding block to get rid of the area. If the area is larger and you do not have the right tools, consult a carpentry professional. If you can do it yourself, you need to sand the door, apply primer and then paint it.

Fixing your timber doors should not be difficult if you know what the reason is for the break. Make you know what the problem is before you implement the solution.

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Updated: February 19, 2011 — 8:00 am