Hot Air Balloon Lands on Casa Grande Street

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Hot Air Ballooning in Casa Grande is fairly common but when you see a hot air balloon whisk between two houses at rooftop level and land in the middle of a residential street it is bound to stir up some buzz. I awoke to my dog barking frantically and the sounds of a flame thrower outside my window and was surprised to witness a hot air balloon at rooftop level slide between two houses and land right in the middle of our residential street.

Turns out the Hot Air Balloon landing was a stunt by Hoot’s Hot Aire Adventures in order to draw buzz and interest, boy did it work! At least fifteen people in the neighborhood came out and many asked for business cards. The operator Jeff “Hoot” Hooten perfectly steered the balloon so the basket slide right between two houses and showed some real talent at operating a hot air balloon. The funny part was watching the balloon deflate in the middle of the street where it blocked the entire street and part of the balloon covered a lamp post and part of somebody’s house.

I took photos of the event:

So if you are looking for a Hot Air Balloon experience and live in the Casa Grande, Maricopa, Coolidge, Eloy area then you might want to give Hoot’s Hot Aire Adventures a call and let them know you heard about their landing in a Casa Grande neighborhood.

The unusual think is Hoot’s Hot Air Adventures appears to say they are a local New Mexico site based out of Albuquerque on their website and phone number, but Jeff talked about doing Casa Grande Hot Air Balloon rides so maybe they are relocating or service multiple areas. You would have to call to find out more information.

Hoot’s Hot Aire Adventures

-Justin Germino

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