Bouncing Between Activities With The Kids

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I have had an exhausting but fun weekend with my two boys who are ages six and three. Unfortunately they both wanted to do separate activities with my youngest wanted to play Super Mario Bros Wii and my oldest wanting to play Starcraft with me in a LAN battle on both of our machines. This resulted in me metering out 1 1/2 hour time segments where I play with one son with his activity, then switch turns and play with my other son in his activity. After nearly six hours of switching back and forth then I take a break from playing with the kids to get some work done for a project I am working on, and after that I spend about an hour or two to catch up and queue some blog articles for the week.

Can’t really complain, I enjoy spending time with my boys and wanted to get some extra play time in with them this past weekend because I will be working almost the entire next weekend on a work project. I think my wife is going to take the kids one day to the movies without me while I am working (probably to see Marmaduke).

This week will be a hectic one and I am going to be challenged to keep a decent home / work balance as I approach the final few days of a project that I have been working on for about five months now. Meanwhile exactly one week from tomorrow is when the family drives up to Disneyland in California where we will be spending three days and two nights just trying to enjoy all the rides. We even purchased a breakfast with Mickey and the gang that the kids will love.

-Justin Germino

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