Holiday Gift from Dish Network

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Received in the mail the other day 2 free PPV coupons from Dish Network as a holiday gift, overall I have been happy with Dish Network other than it is very expensive when I could switch to DirecTV and at least 1/2 the monthly payment for the first year, the problem is after the initial deals expire both services are virtually the same price within a margin of a few dollars depending on whether you are using HD DVR and other special features in the plans.

I was able to talk to Dish Network and they gave me a 1 year $10 credit per month to help keep me as a loyal customer and avoid switching to DirectTV but they should give more loyalty plans for existing customers, particularly those who have been with them for 7+ years. With the competition from Internet TV streaming going to rise, I am hoping they get more cost competitive, honestly I wish you could purchase individual channel plans I don’t need 80% of the channels I get, if I can say get a custom channel plan where I pick any 25 or 40 channels individually instead of them having to come bundled in tiers that would be fantastic.

Meanwhile, I will use those free PPV movies and enjoy them as at least they gave something for free as a gift.

-Justin Germino

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