Health Coverage Gap a Reality

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There is a big gap of health coverage in this country for the Americans who are prior to the age of receiving Medicare but past the COBRA cutoff point when losing a job, there is even a gap of 2 years when somebody goes on Disability, is approved and it still takes 2 years before Medicare kicks in when you go on disability. This gap leaves you uninsured when you have pre-existing conditions, too sick to get a job and your social security payout is too high to qualify for state run medical care programs.

It is unfortunate that you basically have to drain your entire life savings to cover medical costs and only then could you potentially qualify for some aid which at this point you are nearly completely dependent on federal or state programs to help cover costs that include housing, food and medicine. I have read the stories in the newspapers on how people who saved millions over 30 years have seen it all lost due to medical costs without insurance, 1 major cancer treatment, or transplant and 30-40 years worth of saving and sacking money away could be disintegrated in a few weeks or months.

Insurance companies with the ability to outright deny acceptance based on pre-existing conditions are geared for profitability and not truly for patient care. Truthfully any public trading company is designed for profit and to keep shareholders happy. I don’t really know the solution here at all, but would think traditionally if people had more options and there would be more competition then prices would come down.

Imagine if there was no insurance companies and doctors had to charge patients directly, patients would naturally flock to the doctors who had the best service at the cheapest prices, this in turn would cause competing doctors to lower prices to attempt to gain more business and undercut rivals. In theory this should have happened and be happening with the Health Insurance industry but it isn’t and won’t be.

Something needs to be done, and likely even if Obamacare were to help alleviate the problem it is likely to be repealed before it ever goes into effect in 2014.

-Justin Germino

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