Hit Rank 15 in Hearthstone

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Heroes of Warcraft has been a game that has captured a lot of my spare time lately, partly because it is a card game which I tend to really love since my Magic the Gathering days, but also because you can play in very small time chunks, where I have so little free time lately, if I have a spare 5 or 10 minutes I can get in 1-2 Hearthstone matches and feel like I am making progress.  The game is brutally challenging to get under Rank 20 and my best previously was Rank 18 but somehow I hit a lucky streak with my Rexxar deck and was able to muster my way to Rank 15 this Sunday.

Here are some highlights of my matches!

I didn’t realize that when you hit Rank 15 you have to win 4 stars to proceed to next rank, this continues to make it more challenging to keep gaining ranks and having multiple wins in a row to keep getting bonus stars is the fastest way to climb them but also very hard to do.  So many great players with great card combinations and I can’t wait for the Naxxramus expansion to come out which should be any week now.

Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.13.2014.08.58.41Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.13.2014.10.10.29Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.13.2014.10.22.23Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.13.2014.10.51.56 - CopyHearthstone_Screenshot_7.13.2014.10.53.40 - Copy

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