Highest Paying Jobs in the Country

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I am not greedy really, I just hope to make enough money so I can live comfortably and not have to worry about all the bills and financial woes that most people deal with. 1 million and I can live comfortably, still keep my job but have peace of mind for my future and have cushion in my financial life.

But, if shooting for the top jobs and salaries then these are positions you may want to pursue because according to an article on AskMen.com the highest ten paying salaried jobs in the United States are as follows:
(note these don’t include bonuses but raw salary positions)

Natural Sciences Major

This position manages and oversees other scientists and requires an MBA or Doctorate with a minimum 6 years of higher education.

Salary: $97,560

Marketing Manager

The highest level marketing managers oversee advertisement for Fortune 500 companies and oversee teams who help companies get their brand and image promoted. Minimum training is four to six years, MBA in business finance and marketing also very helpful.

Salary: $100,020

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Even with a tough economy IT Managers can command some serious salaries, with 4-8 years experience and a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology you can work your way toward this salary level.

Salary: $100,110

Air Traffic Controller

Nearly all Air Traffic Controller positions are hired by the FAA and are essential for the safe lift off and landings of commercial and private planes. It tkaes nearly nine years of training including a four year degree.

Salary: $100,430


Yep, you always hear your parents say you should have been a lawyer.  Lawyers on average command the fifth highest salary job in the United States and requires a combined 7 years of education and training.

Salary: $110,590


Cleaning teeth is a lucrative business, and the average dentist brings in a sizeable Salary. With 8 years of education and training, you might have to spend a few years paying off the Student Loan before you can really realize the earning potential though.

Salary: $132,660

Airline Pilot

Ironically the people who transport hundreds of lives to safety every day get paid an average of a little more than someone who cleans teeth for a living. Pilots can require between 5 to 10 years of education and training depending on the types of planes they fly and earn a top notch salary.

Salary: $134,090

Engineering Manager

Responsible for plans, coordination, research of large technical or scientific projects nad goals. Engineering managers are the ones who plan out entire real estate communities or components manufacturing and processing. It takes 6-7 years of education and training to reach a position of this stature.

Salary: $140,210

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lets face it, many CEO’s make millions of dollars in salary with giant bonuses, but factoring in the CEO’s of the thousands of smaller companies out there rounds out a CEO’s salary to almost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. It takes anywhere from eight to ten years of education and training to become a CEO of a company, less time for a smaller company and greater time for a larger corporation, some people work for fifteen to twenty years to reach a position of this magnitude.

Salary: $140,880


On average the top salary earner by profession is a Surgeon, responsible for saving the lives of patients and performing the most crucial of procedures. Surgeons require 10-15 years of education, internship and training to reach a position of this salary level, but if you have the commitment and means this is one of your best bets for a successful financial life.

Salary: $181,850

So there you have it, the top ten highest paying salaries in the United States, you can visit the original article for more detail about each position, but this about sums it up. The article does go on to note that more medical profession positions earn six figures than any other career type, another reason why you may want a career in the medical field.

-Justin Germino

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