Flaky Wireless Router?

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I awoke earlier this morning to my wife ayign “The Internet is down or something” and sure enough there was no online connectivity, all lights showed fine on my cable modem, and my wireless router didn’t seem to have an issue, but as usual a quick unplug and re-plug of cable modem and wireless router resolved the issues.

In general my internet performance has been poor the last few days, I notice web sites in general are loading slower and my office VPN loses connectivity a few times a day, where it was rock solid for several weeks without dropping a connection. I don’t know if my router is starting to flake out or the ISP network is becoming more saturated.

Time will tell, one thing is for certain though: I wish browsing online were even faster than it is now, I mean I need 20 tabs and pages to open instantly, not wait 5-6 seconds per page. It is amazing how patience has dwindled with the internet with broadband so prevalent, I mean I remember just 7 years ago being on 28.8 kbps dial up modem and can’t imagine surfing at that speed anymore, I would rather forsake the internet.

Damn, I have gotten spoiled with broadband.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: September 17, 2009 — 8:05 am