Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramus Released

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Played Curse of Naxxramus the day it release for Hearthstone, but found that once I got past the login issues and severe slow downs the content was relatively easy to beat on it’s normal mode, taking about 1/2 hour and then beating the 2 bonus matches in about another 15 minutes.  The heroic battles I found were near impossible however and I have yet to beat a single heroic battle.Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.24.2014.13.19.53Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.24.2014.13.20.01Hearthstone_Screenshot_7.24.2014.13.19.49

Meanwhile it is just under 2 weeks until the next chapter releases and this gives people time to save up the daily reward and get the 700gp cost it will take to unlock each chapter if you don’t want to pay cash to unlock the chapters that is.

Have you played Curse of Naxxramus yet?  Did you get stuck on any of the challenges?  What are some of your new favorite cards?

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