Custom Built Media Center PC from MakeUseOf

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So my Custom Built Media Center PC that I won from MakeUseOf arrived yesterday and I was excited to power it up and make sure everything worked properly, this is a light weight system that is ideal as a home media entertainment hub though it can function as a secondary computer in the home being that it has a fair amount of power and ram to power most low end games and do browsing and other application/Internet stuff.

It came pre-loaded with Ubuntu and here is some pictures of it all including some screen captures of the specs.  This now makes one of the biggest items I have won from one of the dozens of online giveaways that I enter per month.  Sometimes you just shotgun and enter as many as possible and once in a while you just get lucky.


Thanks to for randomly selecting me as the winner and sending me the prize.  I originally didn’t notice the winning announcement since my buddy Iggy actually pointed out that my name was listed as a winner on the giveaway page, and I checked and was like “HOLY CRAP” I really did win.

media-pc-specs (1)media-pc-specs (2)media-pc-specs (3)media-pc-specs (4)media-pc-specs (5)

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