Has it Been 35 Years Already?

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Seriously, I wonder sometimes how it is I became 35 and where the last decade went.  Sometimes I feel like Groundhog Day the movie where I wake up and every day is the same routine, if I don’t stop to make something unique about each day then there will be no way to know if I am living the same day over and over.

Well, routine is a good thing provided you don’t become too complacent to find enjoyment.  Lately the routine has been more stressful as we spend the previous weeks preparing for the move to a new house and the associated stresses that come with dealing with renovations and then moving.

Today I will be at the new place waiting for Dish Network and Cox to come out and setup services, we plan on moving actually on October 6th into the new place and have spent the last month with installation, renovations with my wife overseeing the operation and doing a fantastic job dedicating all the time it takes.

Here is just some of the things that have happened in the last 10 years:

Some Events from 25 to 35

  • Had 2 kids
  • Worked for same company!
  • Moved 3 times
  • Started 1 blog, then 2, then a 6 pack!
  • Collected gray hairs
  • Started balding
  • Gained weight, lost 60 pounds and gained 15 back
  • Took 4 cruises
  • Won 2 company trips (one to Hawaii and one to Disney World)
  • Remarried my wife (Renewed vows)
  • Went to Las Vegas with my wife about 30 times
  • Owned 4 Boston Terriers total (1 passed away in 2009)
  • Ate at countless new restaurants

Obviously this is a small list, but was fun to reflect on some of the things that have happened in the last 10 years.

-Justin Germino

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