Express Flooring Nightmare Problems

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Unfortunately nobody wants to find out they paid thousands and thousands of dollars to a company to install flooring only to find out that the company does a horrible job installing flooring and the quality makes the word sub-par look fantastic.

Express Flooring is popular from their jingles, commercials with the lady singing but unfortunately the problem stems from the fact that this company uses subcontractors to do their install work and at least in our case (probably in many others) the quality of the workmanship is to be desired.

Wood vinyl flooring was installed so poorly the cuts around baseboards were terrible, bubbles all over the flooring and too many extra cuts due to lack of precise measurements with seams being ugly and poorly put together made the job a nightmare that left my wife practically in tears and both of us scrambling to try and have the situation fixed.

The installation manager first responded with statements like (I have been up since 5:30am) and “I don’t want to deal with this today” to explaining that they will have to take pictures and get a report from the subcontractor to make a determination if they will need to replace the vinyl.

Meanwhile, phone call after phone call goes unanswered, 4 hours with 2 messages to installation manager and 1 message left with installation managers manager and there is yet to be a return call on what the companies next steps are to resolve the problem.

A quick search on Yelp for Express Flooring also known as Express Home Services LLC reveals even more discerning info and I am afraid we will end up in the same situation.





The company has a 1 star rating on Yelp and a 4 out of 30 rating on Google Local.  Unfortunately this was one of the rare times where you call a company based on commercials and I regret not doing more research in advance.


I am extremely unhappy with Express Flooring and their poor handling of this situation is only further aggravating me.

At the end of the evening the installation managers manager did finally call and ask that the same contractors have a chance to fix the work, some sort of legality around being given a chance to make things right, so a last ditch effort to see if they can set things straight is being given.  If they can’t magically make things right by the end of today, after they have been given a chance to correct it then I am not sure what the next steps are.

Maybe we will get lucky?

-Justin Germino

Updated: September 26, 2012 — 6:12 pm