Happy Valentines Day

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I want to begin this post by talking about love in general and that Valentines Day is over commercialized to death. If you only spend one day or two days a year getting your love flowers, or taking them out on a date, or going out of your way to make them feel loved and appreciated then your relationship is probably stale to one or both of you. Take time out often to recognize love for your partner after all they are with you and you with them. Find something to express your love, if money is an issue make small things and provide them from your heart.

My love and I go back almost a dozen years now and throughout the years I have tried to keep romance alive in whatever ways I could. When we were teenagers, I had very little money I used to pick local flowers from tree’s locally and give them to her. I used to tear leaves off of tree’s and then use little scissors to cut them into shapes and designs just to give her something to know I was thinking of her.

At some points I bought her flowers often and arranged them myself (cheaper than buying from a flower shop) and I would do this weekly or biweekly. I always wanted her to have fresh flowers in the house at any time. But some of the most important things are intangible and not monetary, I mostly make my own Valentines Day cards and holiday cards to give to her, I rarely buy them. They mean more, the effort and time and words that I put in them are far better than any store bought card (at least in my opinion).

So if you aren’t showing love often enough but you are doing something special this Valentines day, don’t let it stop today. Make biweekly dates, routine expressions of affection and love. Show your companion how much you care about them each and every day.

Valentines Day is just a reminder, and if you expressed your love often, then the day itself wouldn’t be so over commercialized and have so much meaning. If your partner is expecting something big for Valentines Day, or looking forward to that magic day, check and see if they are feeling like that every day or as often as possible.

Love doesn’t begin and end with a holiday.

Just some of my thoughts, and I would like to end the post saying this:

Forever I could not express just how much my lady means to me, she is the inspiration of my soul, the queen of my heart, the goddess of my dreams and my whole reason for being who I am today. Though I have made many mistakes in this rough road of life together, somehow we have mended the potholes, repaired the bridges and continue to be the shining light in each others heart.

I silently and openly thank whatever deity there may be for bringing her into my life and for her patience and forgiveness over the many years with me.

I could never do enough for her.

-Justin Germino

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