Happy Birthday to My Wife

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My wife who also happens to be my best friend among so many other things is having another birthday and her age shall remain unknown as she and most women prefer. I picked her up a leather and crystal bracelet at Disneyland last week as an early birthday gift and today I took the day off to watch the kids while she hopefully spends it relaxing at a day spa. Will be going out to dinner to enjoy Teppanyaki & Sushi dinner at Kyoto’s in Scottsdale, followed by watching Toy Story 3 which she has been wanting to see since it came out last week.

My wife has had a history of having bad luck and negative events happen around her birthday and out of the past fourteen birthdays we have shared together only about half of them have been pleasant with some of them being quite negative. We tried to make a tradition of taking vacations around her birthday figuring what could go wrong when you spend your birthday on a cruise ship, but this year the timing and pricing of vacation packages were better in late August than in June.

Here is wishing my wife a joyous birthday and I look forward to celebrating many more with her.

-Justin Germino

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