Adopting another Arizona Boston Terrier

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So on Fathers day my wife and I stopped by an Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue (ABTR) event in Scottsdale where they are trying to find homes for Boston Terriers who were given up, homeless or were picked up and saved from pounds. The organization scans the various Humane Society and Pounds across Arizona and quickly adopt any that don’t find a home right away.

Arizona Boston TerrierThe rescue takes care and finds homes for animals deemed unadoptable by the pounds which include elderly dogs over 10 years of age, or injured dogs like some of the Boston Terriers they have up for adoption that only had one eye by having an injury at their previous residence or being found that way.

My wife had quickly become an avid supporter of the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue and we submitted our application to adopt and potentially become a foster home for a dog needing adoption. The rescue does an inspection of your house before you get approved and we await our home inspection so we can get final approval to add a 2nd Boston Terrier to our home once again.

We chose to adopt instead of buying from a breeder to help an existing dog that needs a 2nd chance and we also wanted an older dog of at least 7 months to 4 years but would consider older as well if the right Boston “called to us”. Now we just wait for approval and then decide if we will adopt any of the current Boston Terriers who need a home, or we wait until one comes in that just feels right.

-Justin Germino

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