Handy Man; I am Not

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I can literally see it in my wife’s face when she goes over to our neighbor’s house and see’s how my neighbor’s husband gets up at 3:30am and spends days installing a custom patio deck piece by piece.  You would think their yard was put together by a professional team of DIY experts based.

I see that look in her eye as she wishes I were that "creative" or "handy" with tools and had mad level 20 carpentry skills and can magically turn our yard into some covered patio paradise.

I get embarrassed, sure they put in a doggy dear by sawing a hole in the wall and installing a doggy door into their house itself.  I install a doggy door by buying one that fits into your existing sliding glass door.  Hey, it works though may not be as handy.

Realistically, I can barely keep up with the landscaping which always requires work.  I am just not cut out for "home improvement" type projects though I can install ceiling fans, replace drip systems and do some other minor repairs.  I still promised my wife at some point I would build a brick oven in the yard, I found a website about building your own brick ovens http://www.traditionaloven.com/ but truthfully it all looks so intimidating.

I seriously need to start increasing my blogging income so I can hire contractors to do the handy man work that I am so inept at. 

-Justin Germino

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