3 Reasons Why Communities Need Playgrounds

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Over the course of human history, societies have had to make collective decisions about what sorts of buildings and infrastructures are necessary for an ideal community. The Romans called for theatres, temples and public forums. Twentieth century New Yorkers wanted massive apartment complexes and skyscrapers. And in towns and cities across America, families demand good schools, safe streets and spaces for outdoor recreation.

Although the modern playground, as we know it today, is a relatively recent innovation (especially when it comes to safety), societies have always recognized the importance of providing playground equipment for children to play freely. The following are a few of the top reasons why a playground must be included in any thriving community:

1.Good for the Body

The childhood obesity epidemic in America is a direct result of the stationary, inactive lifestyles led by many children. Television, video games and the Internet have made it possible for children to lead a social life with a stimulated mind, but they do so without even getting up from the couch. The most exercise many kids get is the tortuous routine of P.E. class. Kids, especially the youngest ones, need a place they can go to get their heart rate up in a way that is fun and that they actually enjoy. Playgrounds provide a safe venue for kids to get up, move around and breathe the free, un-air conditioned air.

2. Good for the Mind

Playgrounds are a shared, communal space, which means that when children use them they get an opportunity to learn sharing and community-building skills by practice. They learn to wait their turn, to give the smaller kids a boost and to care for a shared community resource. Commercial playground equipment prices are certainly worth paying when you begin to see the playground as an investment in the long-term mental and emotional development of the neighborhood children.\

3. Good for the Soul

A central playground is a lovely thing to have in a town, and it greatly enhances the overall quality of life there. Community leaders should be on the lookout for park playground equipment sales so that they can easily take advantage of a good deal should it arise. Communities benefit aesthetically, socially and even financially from a vibrant, active town center, and what better way to draw families into town than with a well-designed playground? Everyone benefits, especially the children, and that makes the community stronger for years to come.


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Updated: June 13, 2011 — 8:00 am