Guild Wars 2 Vista Views

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There are some really cool rewards for taking the time to explore 100% of the maps in Guild Wars 2, and these include Transmutation Stones which allow you to merge the appearance of one item with the attributes of another for the same item.  Really this is a cosmetic thing which allows you to keep the look of one armor piece but replicate the abilities of a piece you liked better but didn’t look better.


Some of the Vista’s are very hard to figure out how to climb too, but most of them involve circling the area to find the right path that will lead you to the top of a peak, house, tower so that you can claim the Vista and unlock it.  There are also a ton of location points and waypoints to unlock on each map as well.  You earn experience for each thing you unlock and you earn the master reward only when you complete the entire map.



So far I have only 100% completed Wayfarer Foothills and Hoelbrak for all the discovery, but intend to have a few more maps done within a week or two if I can find the time.

-Justin Germino

Updated: September 3, 2012 — 10:13 pm