Busy Weekend Ahead

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This weekend will be a very hectic one as I start packing and assembling furniture for the move.  Yes, I haven’t really been broadcasting it too much but have let it slip a few times on Social Media, but I am moving again.  This time I am moving only a few miles and staying in Casa Grande.


It will be an extremely hectic September and October, as we plan on moving in during fall break starting 1st week of October.  I am going to be spending time over the next several weeks boxing items, assembling items and prepping to do a lot of landscaping and yard work.

Unfortunately this means my blogging time and Guild Wars 2 time will be even more limited, so hopefully I can write some extra posts during the weeknights to prevent there from being any gaps or outages on my blogs.

I hate moving and this is the 5th time I would have moved since 2001 when we bought our first house back in Mesa, AZ.  We sold it in 2002 and have been living in Casa Grande ever since, and this would be our 3rd house in Casa Grande.

-Justin Germino

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