Goodbye Ubuntu and Hello Vista Home Edition

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I had convinced my wife to use Ubuntu Hardy Heron for over a year but finally she had just had enough, Ubuntu lacked the printer drivers for inkjets, Internet Explorer, Active X, and many other programs that we just could not find equivalents of on Linux. So I spent eight hours yesterday and two hours this morning completely rebuilding her PC as a Windows Vista Home machine.

With 2GB of RAM (Toshiba Satellite can only read 2GB RAM max, and only has 2 bays for 1GB Sticks) the operating system is sufficient and not terribly slow. I miss being able to work openly on a Ubuntu Linux box now, and creating posts on my technology blog will be harder to do now that I don’t have Ubuntu to play around with.

I would dual boot my other machine, but with my 200GB hard drive crashed I only have 10GB of free space left and need to save up to buy a new hard drive.

Score 1 Microsoft and Linux 0 in my household.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: April 19, 2009 — 10:22 am