Feeling Fat From Too Much Carbonation

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Seriously, I drank like three diet cokes and three energy drinks yesterday and my stomach is actually expanded worse than normal from all the carbonation today. Why does anyone drink this crap, I almost never let my kids drink soda and I should follow my own advice.

Meanwhile I realize that putting on my size 34 short this morning were a little tighter than I like and it can’t all be from bloating, my eating habits have slipped considerably in the past few months mostly due to dining out to frequently and snacking before bed again.

Hopefully I won’t resort to looking for the best diet pills and I can get my eating habits under control, it is a much tougher battle than you think because I like Homer J. Simpson enjoy eating, the flavors and tastes of food combined with the fact that I never feel full and almost always feel hungry are a dangerous combination.

-Justin Germino<!–noadsense–>

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