Found Great Ideas For Christmas Gifts Under 10 Dollars

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I had only about $10 left on one of my gift cards and was doing research on what to buy or to find to utilize the last bit, when I stumbled across an article by that lists 63 gifts all under $10.  This made me think of all of the things one can get that have very little cost other than some time and effort which of course can be priceless in some scenario’s.

I am still on m quest to spend my last $10 of my giftcard to find something I can use, since this giftcard was awarded to me from my job, I decided to spend it on myself.  I just bought a replacement Turtle Beach HPA2 Microphone with some of it, since my 2 year old dunked the last microphone in my iced tea and shorted it out.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: December 20, 2008 — 8:12 pm