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If you have been wanting to try your hand at flying RC Quadcopter drones then you can look no further than Gearbest which has a sizable amount of RC Quadcopters for really great prices, click here for more products.  I personally have always been wanting a drone with a camera because I live near the beach now and I wanted to take video of a drone soaring over the ocean waves and sands, as well as the cliffs near where I walk down to the beach.  I think a drone camera is really cool to have and can take some great scenery video.  Gearbest has a wide selection of drones, and while they have drones ranging from $15 to over $200, and there are plenty of drones with HD Cameras on them to choose from, this particular drone caught my eye.


This is the Cheerson CX-20 which has a 10 to 15 minute fly time, as well as GPS built in and some auto-navigation and return so the drone will automatically return to it’s source location.  It has some cool features like auto stabilize and return home if it loses signal from the controller as well.

The drone has a mounting place for a camera, but does not come with a camera.  Still this is a drone that is a cut above the rest.

If you want a drone with the HD Camera built in that can stream video live, you can also look at the Sky Hawkeye.

Upside down in this picture to show you the camera, the Sky Hawkeye HM1315 has a screen on top of the controller as well as an SD Card so you can watch in real time and record what the drone sees as it sees it.  Navigate by flight and see some impressive things from a point of view that only a drone can get to.  Seriously check ou tthe Sky Hawkeye Product Page and see some of the pics and video of this drone!

The JJ-600 also has a camera though not live video mode, and is a lower priced model, this one can charge via USB cable and is easy to fly as well.

The JJ-600 6 Axis Quad Copter is only $46.27 on Gearbest at the time of this writing which is a fantastic deal for a quadcopter that comes with a camera.

So if you are interested in an RC Quadcopter you can take a look at them on Gearbest in their RC Copter category and see which one you want to take for a test flight.  Take a look and tell us what drone you would buy or are doing to by and I would love to see some comments and pictures of your drones!

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