Finding Sites To Share Your Giveaways

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There are so many sites online that let you link your sweepstakes or giveaway up for free that you just have to do some clever searching.  Know that every single day of the week there are linky sites that use the Linky script to allow people to automatically enter and list their giveaways, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday linky’s seem to be the most popular.

To find sweepstake linky sites all you need to do is go to trusty old Google Search and type in giveaway linky.  Then use advanced search to filter for either the last 24 hours or week.


Now typically you get an immediate list of linky sites that let you list your giveaway and don’t underestimate the traffic and attention you can get from them, if you hit them early you get more notice and some provide more traffic than others for certain types of giveaways.

There can either be an image linky or text linky and you can fill them out simply by adding the URL of your blog post, the name of your giveaway (most require you to put end date in parenthesis as part of title) and your email.  The image ones will then ask to crop an image from your site for the thumbnail, but the text linky will just add right away.


Other ways to find linky sites are to search for today or yesterday plus the word giveaway and or linky.

If it is Wednesday for example, then search for:

tuesday giveaway linky

list your giveaway

sweepstakes linky

wednesday giveaway linky

Do all search filters for last 24 hours, this will yield best results, the best thing to do is to save time and cut/paste all the info you need for the linky fields so you can easily cut and paste from a text file, in most cases the Linky will remember the form and you can simply press down arrow to fill out the last thing you entered also.

So happy linking to the giveaways.

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Updated: September 15, 2013 — 9:43 pm