Dropbox Sharing Still My Favorite for Writer Media

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I love Dropbox and use it all the time, one of my favorite ways to leverage Dropbox is when I work with my writing staff where they need to transfer files over to me whether it is video files to upload to my YouTube channel or mp3 files for the latest Dragoncast.  I setup folders in Dropbox for each of my writing staff members and give them access to write to those folders via their email.

This allows my staff to add what they need and for me to sync up to the appropriate sites later on without having to use a generic account/password on the sites themselves.


I love how the notifier tells me when new files are added so I don’t miss out, and I like how easy it is to create a public folder and when I need to share information like video files, sales demographics or more with advertisers, I can simply include a link to our public media and press files.

Dropbox has a pretty good referral program too, and using this referral program I already earned 19GB of cloud storage.


I have heard some people buy services for really cheap to unlock all referral space on sites like Microworkers.com but I haven’t done this and just rely on my social networks and peers who see my promotion of Dropbox and it works fairly well.

Some ways I leverage Dropbox for are:

  • Downloading Minecraft Mods, Maps and having both my kids laptops gain access to them to save time.
  • Sharing graphics, analytics and reports with advertisers about my sites.
  • Collecting media files from writing staff in their own custom folders only I and they can use.
  • Copying photos taken on my iPhone or iPad so that I can download and edit them on my PC later, this includes iPhone and iPad screen shots for game reviews and app reviews.
  • Backing up blogging related documents and even backing up your WordPress to Dropbox via WordPress plugins is a great option and way to leverage Dropbox.

I don’t really put any sensitive documents or files on Dropbox, I use it more for anything that I wouldn’t really care very much if it was made public, even on the private folders.  So I don’t backup my personal word, excel documents or anything that has private data in it to Dropbox but that is just a safeguard.

What do you use Dropbox for?

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