Fell off the Fitness Wagon

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It is amazing how quickly I have lapsed on my fitness regimen and now am paying the price. In June 2011 I was down to about 169 pounds and felt healthy and better, but a cruise in July followed by a busy schedule and excuses to not find the time to hit the gym 3 days a week and I wound up at 180 pounds and feeling just more crappy in general.

What I really need to do is block out an hour a day three days a week and just go back to the gym, it isn’t easy and I have to see where I can fit the block in without causing disruption to my job, or my hectic schedule picking the kids up from school or helping my oldest with his homework before dinner.

I saw a fitness equipment which you can use while sitting at your desk that was similar to a stationary bike pedaling except with resistance bars you push with your feet. I can’t remember the name of it now but saw it in the Skymall catalog while on a plane and it looked like an interesting way to burn calories while sitting at my desk typing or sitting on conference calls all day long.

I will have to do further research, or else I better start saving now for the treadmill desk I wish I could get.

-Justin Germino

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